Back and Neck Pain

Each year, millions of Americans are impacted by back and neck pain. Studies show that at one point or another, 80% of the U.S. population will be affected by back pain. Back aches and back pain may occur for many different reasons. Most people experience back pain as a result of sprains/strains, injuries, lifting improperly, or sitting for prolonged periods. There are lots of options available to treat back pain but many of these only address the symptoms and don’t target the actual cause of pain. Our physical therapists find the actual cause of back pain, which could include muscle weakness, poor movement, and poor spinal coordination.

Neck pain is also very common and can generate pain or limited mobility in the shoulder, arm, or hand. Headaches and migraines are sometimes triggered by an underlying neck problem. Many patients complain about aches or tenderness in the neck, and sometimes shooting sharp pains around there. Often, the problems causing neck pain are tightened muscles and poor posture from daily stress, sitting for prolonged periods in front of computers, and inactivity.

Our physical therapists are experts in helping patients quickly resolve their back and neck pain. During evaluation, we discuss history, examine your spine, and evaluate movement, strength, walking, and coordination. Our therapists will design a treatment plan that best suits your needs and offers the quickest relief from pain and return to function.

I am a Southern California girl, born and raised. I have always been an active person and jumped into any sport or activity that I could get involved with while growing up. I am a big believer in team sports and everything you can learn from them. I love any sort of competition and am always up for a challenge. I think these factors are a major part of who I am today and why I chose to become a PTA.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from UC Santa Barbara and spent 4 years reinforcing my will power by fighting the urge to spend every day on the beach. I received my PTA degree from Loma Linda University where I was blessed with the chance to learn and develop my love for physical therapy and for people as a whole. I have been lucky enough to spend the last 3 years combining my passion for helping people with my love for activity by teaching people how to improve their quality of life and return to what they miss doing most.  

I enjoy travelling and dream of exploring the world as much as I can. I like to experience new places, cultures, and especially new foods. I enjoy cooking and baking but my favorite part is the eating. It’s impossible to keep me out of the sunshine and the fresh air during my free time. Most days off, you can find me either with friends and family or walking through the neighborhood parks with my pup Grady as he enjoys his favorite activity - chasing squirrels.

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