Frequently asked questions

What is Dynamix?

Dynamix Physical Therapy is our outpatient clinic which provides therapy service to patients with Medicare and other insurance plans.

Why is Dynamix a good option for you as a therapist?

Our typical Therapist finds that Dynamix has the potential for full time work in one of our clinic locations. You can ask about employment opportunities with our outpatient clinic where patients come to you.

How can I start with Dynamix?

Click Here and fill out the application, or send us your resume here.

We will contact you, arrange for an interview (over the phone, at the office or course at a Starbucks close to your home or workplace).

If you fit in our company's culture, we would then need to verify your license and standing with the state board.

Do I have to quit my current job?

One of the best aspects of our practice is that you can continue to work in your current job and build your volume of patients.

What do I have to do after I join Dynamix?

a) Maintain credentials

b) Submit notes in a timely manner

c) Communicate: notify Dynamix of any changes regarding patient information, missed visits, change in status, abnormal vital signs, hospitalizations, schedule changes, etc. so that we may help coordinate between you and the patient.

d) Provide quality service and take pride in your career: therapy is a service provided to help those who want to get better and more independent. Take pride knowing that your job is to change people's lives.

What office equipment will be provided at the clinic?

a) Blood pressure monitor

b) Thermometer

c) Gloves/masks

d) Theraband

e) E-stim, ice packs, and hot packs

f) Any other item or device you like to use for therapy

Can I contact other therapists working for Dynamix?

You will be working with most other therapists face to face and can contact them directly or through our office if you have questions.

Will I be seeing patients for different agencies/insurances? Will I have to document differently for these agencies/insurances?

We work with multiple insurances which may call for different notation. However, we will train you in the beginning with the different requirements for specialized insurances. For the most part, most documentation and timing will be similar and there are pre-set templates to work with.

How often do I have to come to Dynamix?

Of course, you will need to come in every time you work. There may be one or two mandatory meetings throughout the year, but other than that, you will only need to come for your scheduled appointment times.

I am interested in joining Dynamix. How do I apply?

Please sent your resume to We will contact you to discuss further. You may also call us at 714-891-2739 if you have any questions before sending your resume.

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